Micropoint (Full Live Band)

Micropoint (Full Live Band)

Exclusive Live Concert / “Junk Box” album Showcase

Legendary french project Micropoint (Radium +Alcore + Loki Lonestar + Mr Parker) released new album “Junk Box” and will come to present it in live concert to X-Massacre 2019!

Micropoint project was established by 2 famous french artists – Radium & Alcore in 1992. They had set the standards of french Hardcore Techno called “Frenchcore”.

Their first album “Neurophonie” released in 1998 had really big success. The popularity of this revolutionary style began to catch on quick and Micropoint shooted to fame bringing Frenchcore into a wider circuit. The same year, the duo was invited to appear to a public of over 100,000 people for a live session at the first Techno Parade in France.

Micropoint’s 2nd LP, “Anesthesie International” (2000), meant the beginning of an important evolution in the electro scene : Hardcore Techno was beginning to mix with other similiar musical styles. The album was well received and brought the duo wide recognition on the international Electronic music scene.

They released 3 albums later and the last one “Junk Box” will come to present it live to Prague!

And what you can expect from their live concert? Pure energy, hard kicks, live singing by mad Loki Lonestar, live guitar, special effects and performance…simply madness! Don´t miss it!


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