Do you want to play at X-Massacre 2018? You can!

Do you want to play on the hard or drum & bass stage of X-Massacre 2018 alongside the big names of these
genres? You can! Upload the winning set and sign up for the DJ Contest. Here’s how to do it.

1) Upload drum and bass or harder style set (hardcore, hardstyle, frenchcore ..) to your Mixcloud profile (it’s free). Think of it as an opening set, so adjust your selection. Add the tracklist to the description.
2) Add this photo as a cover
3) Set name X-MASSACRE 2018 DJ CONTEST – DNB STAGE (or HARD STAGE) and include this hashtag: #xmassacre2018
4) Post the Mixcloud link to the X-Massacre 2018 event and share it with SHORT BIO (just a few lines,
no book)
5) On 27th of November we will end the contest and move all the contestant names to the Facebook poll. First 10 sets (for each stage / DnB and Hard) with the highest number of likes will move to the semifinals from which we will select 2 winners. (around 4th Dec)

Use only CD players, vinyls or live-set machines. Do not upload sets made by using a computer only!
The set must be recorded in 2018, best dedicated to this DJ contest. It must be part of the set
be a tracklist that will attach from the info of your Mixcloud account. We look forward to it!