Phace, Zardonic and many more are coming to destroy the D&B stage of X-Massacre!

The drum & bass stage of the X-Massacre 2018 is bringing some serious heat!
Let’s make the wait a little bit more pleasant by the sound of these heavy hitting broken beats.

PHACE is the alias used by Florian Harres, an electronic music producer, DJ and label owner from Hamburg, Germany.
Founder of the Neosignal Recordings is going to present his fresh album Between at X-Massacre this year!

ZARDONIC – masked Venezuelan superhero’s superpower is bass metal attack. Combination of metal and drum & bass to satisfy every twisted craving of ours.

MERIKAN – his place in the uncompromising end of intricate but slamming tech is assured.

PIXIE – Czech legendary DJ is a not-to-miss part of this year’s line-up. A proper dose of D&B energy guaranteed!

And no, that is still definitely not all of it. Check our line-up section for more.