X-Massacre 2018 DJ contest winners have been chosen!


We know the winners of the DJs to open the hard and the d&b stage of X-Massacre 2018! We listened carefully and picked for a long long time as it Číst více


X-Massacre 2018 ticket contest winners!


Here they are! Winners of the X-Massacre 2018 ticket contest are known! Please write us your full names from your Facebook profiles to the X-Massacre FB page.   X-Tra ticket Tim Číst více


Only few X-Tra tickets left!


Most of the X-Tra tickets is gone! Think fast, act faster! You can still be one of the 200 visitors that will celebrate the 15th anniversary of X-Massacre in a Číst více


Vote for your favourites in the Hard and DnB stage DJ contest!


We thank to all the 25 DJ contestants for X-Massacre 2018. Now it’s time for you to vote for your favourites, that will open hard and drum and bass stage Číst více


Phace, Zardonic and many more are coming to destroy the D&B stage of X-Massacre!


The drum & bass stage of the X-Massacre 2018 is bringing some serious heat! Let’s make the wait a little bit more pleasant by the sound of these heavy hitting Číst více


Narkotek crew in full power at X-Massacre 2018


Guigoo, Weser and Seno. These three strong names have been hitting the tekno scene hard for quite a few years now and together they are the legendary NARKOTEK crew. You Číst více


Dr. Peacock’s big return to X-Massacre


Are you also so excited about what the doctor prescribes you for Christmas this year? We sure are! Dr. Peacock returns to X-Massacre after a few years and it was Číst více

Snímek obrazovky 2018-11-08 v 17.11.49

X-Massacre 2004-2018!


It took some serious effor, but we have managed to put together all the flyers from X-Massacre events! Except the strong nostalgic mood we are having right now, we find Číst více


Do you want to play at X-Massacre 2018? You can!


Do you want to play on the hard or drum & bass stage of X-Massacre 2018 alongside the big names of these genres? You can! Upload the winning set and Číst více


50% of X-Tra tickets sold out!


If you want to be one of the 200 visitors that will celebrate the 15th anniversary of X-Massacre in a bigger, more luxurious, style – you better be quick – Číst více

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