X-Massacre 2018 DJ contest winners have been chosen!

We know the winners of the DJs to open the hard and the d&b stage of X-Massacre 2018!
We listened carefully and picked for a long long time as it was not easy, you sent us really great DJ sets.
Behind the drum and bass contestants we feel like mentioning great performances from Adepth, Brainsoul and Decide, but the winners are the representatives of the Liberec crew of the Monkey Boom BICMAN b2b VITTO!

When listening to the hard sets, it was even harder to choose between sets from Deemay, DirtyZ vs. DJ Ychy and Matches. The winner is MATCHES, who has met a great selection with and a proper understanding of an opening set BPM!

Congratulations to the winners, please let contact us via Facebook messages!
And thank you very much for everyone involved, it was really hard to choose only “two” winners. Best of luck next year! 🙂