X-Massacre, Tma

The X-Massacre’s own Beesu. Promoter and a DJ, focused on the neurofunk and the deep/minimal stream of the drum & bass scene. During his career, he already was part of a massive number of events from the DJ position as well as from the organizing position (Let It Roll, X-Massacre, Hospitality, RAM Night, Eatbrain Night, SNDNB, Tma, Šero, Žižkovská Noc…). You could have caught him destroy the dancefloor at events such as Let It Roll, Exploration, Trident, X-Massacre, big clubs in the Czech Republic and abroad (eg UK, AT, DE, SK ..) and furthermore, alongside the giants of the D&B scene, both world and local. In his sets, you can expect a technical style of mixing, lots of unreleased dubplates, fresh tunes and ageless classics.