Kurwastyle Project

Started making music in his childhood, with a PSX game/DAW called “MTV Music Generator”.
Then he bought also the PC version and during the years 2003-2005 he was producing Old-school Hardcore and Early Reverse Bass Hardstyle.

In the beginning of 2006 the name “Kurwastyle Project” was born, and he started to producing Speedcore influenced by artists like USN, Pain Alliance, Komprex or Passenger Of Shit.
In 2009 he released first full-lenght EP called “Das Ist Splitter” on his own underground Speedcore netlabel “Splitterblast Records”. It was successful, and helped him to get more attention in the scene and also his first live-shows in Germany and Poland.

In 2011 due to the several personal reasons he stopped producing for a while.

In 2013 he returned back and started to learn FL Studio.
In July was @ German Hardcore Techno label “Darkspell Records” released his first “12 Vinyl called “Evil Motherfucker EP” including some of his best past Speedcore works.
In April 2013 he also opened with his friend from Japan “DJKurara” a new label “KyokudoCore Records” dedicated to spreading and supporting “J-Core” music.
Due to fast learning and increased skills, in February 2014 he released there his first CD Album called “Lost In Society”.

In 2015 he started to producing Terror and in February 2016 he released his first track on Noisekick Records followed by the release of “Do You Wanna Balloon? “on DJ Smurf’s Deng Deng Recordings.

In August 2016 he released EP “Fight To Survive” on Noisekick Records that reached top #3 in hardtunes top 100 and joined Terrordrang Booking Agency.
He also became a resident of Toxic Sickness Radio.

Until now he played on the several parties in Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia or Lithuania along with the names like: Partyraiser, SRB, Noisekick, Drokz, Tripped, GFB, DJ Hidden, iGoa, TerrorMasta, and many more.

Masters Of Hardcore, Ground Zero, Decibel, Harmony Of Hardcore, Pandemonium, Pokke Herrie, Hell Festival, Terrordrang, are the events where he smashed the dancefloor with his hard and unique sound already.

His productions are supported and played worldwide by numerous artists like: F. Noize, Partyraiser, Scarphase, Tripped, Noisekick, Sjammienators, Angernoizer, Chaotic Hostility, Omkara, Doctor Terror, Cryogenic, TerrorClown and many others.

At the moment he is working on the new tracks, remixes and also collabs with other artists where he combines Uptempo Hardcore, Terror and elements from other hard (and not only) styles, and developing & improving his own sound that is ready to destroy all the dancefloors!