Metro Sound / Demontage Recs / Metan Noise Recs

Czech live act, producer of electronic music and Dj. His first contact with electronic music at parties happened in Ostrava city at the legendary music club Cihelna with the Bassdrum brothers crew around the year 1996. He touched his first vinyls in 1997.
The year 1998 involves him in parties with Mozaika sound system and he immediately starts playing on many parties and festivals. After the decay of Mozaika sound system in the year 2001 he becomes a part of the legendary Metro sound system. He is a proud member of Metro sound till this day.

Liveset performing since 2002, alongside top producents and dj’s all around the Europe. The first releases of his significant mental-hardtekno tunes happened on his own label Metan noise in 2004. DJ’s could discover more from MECHOZ on labels like Demontage, Astral tek, DSP, Protest, DCT, releasing 12 vinyls all together.After 6 years of break he got back to production and live performing! More music and different genres to come..


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