Mustaffa & Sheriff

Neurofunk Will Never Die / Let It Roll

One of the most successful b2b projects on the entire Czech and Slovak dnb scene. Tomáš and Kuba started playing together after a few successful parties together in March 2017. In July of the same year, they become members of the very popular Neurofunk will Never Die brand. At the same time, they closely cooperate with the Storm club in Prague. At the turn of 2018, they will receive an award in the Czech&Slovak DNB Awards – Discovery of the Year 2018 for the Czech Republic/SVK.

According to their words, they owe their success mainly to their friendly nature and constant work on themselves, music is everything to them, that’s why they give it maximum effort. Their sets are full of neurofunk, but also deep dnb & halftime tempo. They always improvise during the sets, there are no prepared sets. When playing, they work together as if he were playing 1 and had 4 hands.

You could see them playing at almost all well-known parties throughout the country, including in Slovakia. They also played at the biggest festivals here, whether Let It Roll, Rock For People, Festival Svojšice, Outdoor Rave and many others. They are becoming Let It Roll DJs in November 2018. If you want to experience a real show, catch their set from start to finish and you won’t regret it!

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