Hardtek Sasio from France confirmed! This talented producer and DJ will play X-Massacre for the very first time!

Coming from Paris, Sasio first started his career as dubstep DJ at the well known “Drop in Bass” parties. Spending time on Soundcloud to find new beats, he fell in love with hardtek and got step by step into music production.
In 2014, while studying for his bachelor degree in “music production and professions”, he started to release his own hardtek tracks, inspired by everything around the themes of space and glitch-art. He wanted to make music that takes people into another world, music that can be listened to seating in someone’s living room as much as at a big crowded party.
Following the success of his track “Hey Mortyyy” (over 5M views on Youtube), Sasio released EP’s on the prestigious label UndegroundTekno. He’s now focusing on new goals with his friends Atomstaub and Aksys, making a hybrid of hardtek, mixed with dubstep and neurofunk.
Whatch out for the new French hardtek generation !