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Suburbass – X-Massacre resident since the first edition in 2003 , will not miss this year!

Joël Tambour a.k.a. Suburbass is a real legend at tekno scene. He is French tekno Live performer since 1996…electronic producer since
1984…allready played in +700 parties and released more than 50 records and cds under labels as LeDiableAuCorps ,WAR, Ballistic, Astrofonik ,TNL, Tekita, FSL, MST, ElektroKanibal, Fullbass, Undergroundtekno…

His first party was in 1988 at Hacienda,Manchester coz big fan of JoyDivision and Factory Records…

In 1985 he started his own music with 4×4 beat with sequencer and synth (Casio,Korg,Roland,Yamaha…). He made mainly technopop, electroclash, EBM etc.

He found rave music in 1989 and started to visit freeparties. In 1996 he finally decided to go out with machines to play for party people..and he never stop 🙂

He is now totally addicted to the repetitive beats & travels throughout Europe (France,Germany, Spain, Italy, UK, Holland, Belgium, Czech Republic, Poland, Austria…) with his faithful live set (machines only) and delivers a nostalgic diversity built upon his numerous sonic experiences.

His current liveset is a crossover between tribe, tekno and acidcore.

Station Of Destiny - Hesed vs Suburbass live_video #3

Station Of Destiny - Hesed vs Suburbass live_video #3

Zveřejnil(a) SUBURBASS dne Pondělí 29. července 2019


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