In 2009, two Slovenian producers started making some beats together out of pure curiosity and without even dreaming of what is about to happen in the next couple years. Smooth was just getting his first songs signed to Viper recordings and Markoman, having previous releases with Temper D, M-Atome, G2 the project was destined to succeed. After they finished their first tracks, they were immediately picked up by Breed 12 Inches and Viper Recordings. Getting play time by Pendulum and Dieselboy amongst others, gave them an extra push.

In 2010 they got noticed by Blokhe4d and were picked up for their Bad Taste imprint. They released two of their tracks on the labels Bad Taste LP 4 compilation that came out in 2011 and they also released a single. The things just kept getting better and better in 2010. They have been recognised by the scenes most respected producers and labels. They signed tunes to State of Mind Music, Viper recordings, Red Light Records, Obsessions..etc and that is not all, they also remixed Inpeak from the last album by the mighty Black Sun Empire, which was then featured on their LP.

In 2013 they released their debut EP on Jade’s Eatbrain imprint. Featuring a collaboration with Concord Dawn and a massive anthem featuring Coppa, which was very well received and played through out the scene. Meanwhile a new EP on Black sun empire’s new label called Blackout Music is coming out as are the rumors they are preparing for an LP next year.