Tickets are on sale now! The amount is limited by the capacity of the venue. Tickets can be purchased either online here or personally at any Ticketstream branch (in CZ). Most previous years have sold out in advance, so we recommend getting your ticket as soon as possible. We cannot guarantee tickets at the door. Each wave of tickets is valid until sold out and automatically rolls over to the next.

❌ EARLY BIRDS: 890 CZK + fees
❌ 1st WAVE: 990 CZK + fees
❌ 2nd WAVE: 1090 CZK + fees
❌ 3rd WAVE: 1290 CZK + fees
✅ 4th WAVE: 1390 CZK + fees
✅ 5th WAVE: 1490 CZK + fees

🚪 ON SITE: 1600 CZK non-stop weekend, 900 CZK Saturday only (ONLY IF NOT SOLD OUT)

❗ ATTENTION, limited capacity ❗ Wait a couple of seconds for the ticket sale form to load.