Year: 2024

S-Massacre 2024 DJ Contest: VOTING

Thank you to everyone who participated in the DJ contest at S-Massacre 2024! Now it’s up to the fans and…

S-Massacre 2024 stages introduction

Unidentified life forms have appeared in Varvazov and scientists say that by summer, they will even fully dominate part of…

Discount packages Ticket + merch

For occasion of launching new e-shop you can get special packages S-Massacre 2024 ticket + merch for a discounted price….

Full S-Massacre 2024 line-up announced!

And is bigger than ever, underlining this year’s festival massive growth. Check our LINE UP section for the current info.

New X-Massacre e-shop launched

You can expect easy to use environment, new designs and much more to come in the close future. Check out…

Cottages for rent at S-Massacre 2024

Reservation of cottages for this year’s summer festival in Varvažov starts on Monday 12th February at 7 PM CET+1. A…

X-Massacre awarded ‘Best Indoor Event of 2023’, 3rd place

Thank you to everyone who voted for X-Massacre in the Bass Awards, in the Best Indoor Event of 2023 category!…

Tickets for S-Massacre 2024 on sale now!

Tickets are now available for the cheapest price. Get yours now and see you in the summer!