S-Massacre 2023 festival venue

Recreation centres RS Varvažov and Ostrovec – 90 km from Prague

We are happy to present you the S-Massacre 2023 venue! This year’s summer Massacre will take place in RS Spolana Varvažov (music area) and RS Ostrovec (camp + parking), in the beautiful Czech nature, 90 km from Prague and very close to Orlická Přehrada. This year you can also use Camp Vážka, which is a few minutes’ walk from the festival area and is noticeably quiet.

There is a restaurant in the area, you can swim in the river that flows between both camps and there are ceramic toilets and showers. Very cool place indeed! 

Watch out! S-Massacre 2023 venue has limited capacity. Tickets are already on sale.

Location gallery and info: