Beer update of X-Massacre 2023

We are very pleased to announce the tap offer of the excellent independent brewery SIBEERIA for this year’s festival.

Sibeeria is a brewery from Prague. They started their journey as a flying brewery in 2014 until they grew into their own brewery, which was built in the historical industrial area “ČKD”, Vysočany.
They have been brewing all their beers there since 2020.

And since the Czech nation is a beer lover one, just like us – the X-Massacre crew, and our visitors, we decided to upgrade the draught offer at the bar.

Here is this year’s festival tap line-up:

Patronus ležák 10°

Light 10. Sibeeria brewers love it, regulars demand it. This unconventional ten with foreign hops has something to it. The body is nicely full for a ten, the bitterness is just right and the flavour is simply delicious.

Everyday Life ležák 12°

Pale lager, 12th Pilsner type. Full malt body, aromatic hoppy-herbal aroma of Žatec semi-fermented black lager, pleasant characteristic bitterness, which tempts to take another sip.

Liquid Luck APA 11°

Liquid Luck is the first ever pure APA, and Sibeeria really went to the trouble to make it just right. So they’ve combined several new and old American varieties with top-notch local malts. And guess what? It’s just right!

Na zdraví!