X-MASSACRE postponed to 2022

With heavy hearts we are forced to announced postponing of this year’s event to 2022. Due to bad and worsening epidemilogical situation all over the Europe and in Czech Republic and also mainly to the strict restrictions that the Czech goverment is forcing upon all the cultural events we have no other option than doing this. X-Massacre is and always was a festival for all the people, without any differences in opinions and life choices and it is not possible for it to happen. 🙁


All the tickets are valid for the X-MASSACRE 2022. We will soon have a confirmed date as we are now in negotiations with the venue’s owner. You can also use it for the summer festival S-MASSACRE 2022 if you want to (we will publish the details of the tickt exchange soon). S-MASSACRE is set for 10-12.06.2022.

Thank you for understanding and trust us that we are very sorry being forced to due this after months of our work, preparations, expectations and financing, while keeping our heads up. We are crushed, but trying to think of a brighter future.Please stay safe, take care of yourselves and see you in the summer of 2022. Let’s rave together! ✌️