DJ Contest S-Massacre

S-MASSACRE 2022 DJ Contest

Do you want to play at summer festival S-Massacre 2022 alongside music scene giants? You can! Just join the DJ contest. This year, for the first time ever, the DJ contest is announced for all 3 stages, including the main stage See the rules below. 

  • 1) Upload your fresh set to your Mixcloud.  Please keep in mind that this will be an opening set, so adapt it to your selection. Below you will find which styles we prefer.

    X-Treme stage – Techno / Acid / Tribe – 130 – 160 BPM
    DnB Stage – Deep DnB / Liquid – 172 – 176 BPM
    Killout Stage – Hardstyle / Rawstyle / Hardtechno – 130 – 160 BPM

  • 2) Ad this picture as a set photo and include tracklist to set info
  • 3) Name your set exactly like this: DJ NAME / S-Massacre 2022 / Name of the stage (X-Treme, DnB or Killout) and include hashtag #smassacre2022
  • 4) Share your Mixcloud link to S-Massacre 2022 Facebook Event and include a short DJ bio 
  • 5) Share your set from Facebook event and collect Likes from your fans (copy the direct link)  
  • 6) The first 10 sets (for each stage) with the highest amount of Likes in the event (not Mixcloud!) will advance to the semifinals (polls) 
  • 7) The first 5 sets from the poll will advance to the final
  • 8) The X-Massacre team will choose the winners from these 5 sets

DJ contest starts on Wednesday 20.04. and ends 20.05.2022 at 12:00 (noon) – the deadline for sending your set. Then a poll will be posted for a week and after that we will select the winner.

Only CD players, turntables or DJ controllers may be used for recording, and livesets are also allowed. Do not upload DJ sets just using a computer software. Set length: 30 min – 1 hour.

Your set must be dedicated to this Dj contest. The set must include a tracklist, which will be included in the info on your Mixcloud.

Join in! We are looking forward to your sets!