DJ contest winners for S-Massacre 23

The DJs competed with their sets well and bravely, so the selection was not easy! But we already know the winners, and now you can get to know them too.

Tribal / Main stage
🎧 DJ Deakee
This Morfa Crew sound represent has been actively playing since 2017, when he started out on CDJs. For the last two years, however, he has been playing from the turntables, and the same way his contest set was recorded. He loves tribe, mental, acid, frenchcore, hardtek and raggae tekno. Congratulations!

Heart of Hard / Harder styles stage
🎧 Jituša
She’s been playing for 5 years, where at the beginning she was only interested in Terror style, but as time went on she started to slow down her BPM more and more. Now she is into a combination of tekno and industrial HC. In our DJ competition she tried for the third time, and it finally worked out. 🙂 Congratulations!

SpringBass Jam / Drum & Bass stage
🎧 Sin Vision
A fresh DJ project consisting of two members – Madway (Snare Junkies crew) and Mantis. Focusing on the subgenre of deep drum & bass, which they sometimes fuse with liquidfunk, but can also occasionally turn up the heat and play some edgier stompers. They enjoy experimenting and like to adapt their style as best suits the situation. Congratulations!

Všem ostatním děkujeme za sety a přejeme hodně úspěchů. A nebojte se to zkusit znova! 🙂