Refundable X-Cups

We care about our planet and so should you. We want the least possible waste to remain after the festival, so we are introducing design returnable cups for the first time at X-Massacre. This will save thousands of disposable plastic cups that would end up in the bin.

The cups will be backed up to 50 CZK and you will get them all bars. Of course, you can also leave them as a souvenir, as they are pretty damn cool looking!


  • I come to the bar and I don’t have a cup yet:
  • You will buy a new cup worth 50 CZK. The deposit is only collected for the first time.
  • I come to the stand and I already have a cup:
  • The bartender will take your used, undamaged cup and replace it with a new clean one (this replacement of the used cup with a new one is necessary for hygienic reasons).
  • I’m leaving the festival and want to return the backed cup:
  • We will buy the backed cup again at the bar. We take back the undamaged cup back for 50 CZK. If the backed-up cup is cracked, has a broken loop or is otherwise damaged, it cannot be redeemed. We only buy cups from this event (not cups from other festivals).