Introduction of the Drum & Bass stage at X-Massacre 2019

Outside, shops are already arming for Christmas, the city is overwhelmed with a bunch of lights and most importantly – we are beginning to hear carols and Christmas songs. But we are focused on a different thing – hard electronic music – that is what we need to survive the winter.

So let’s take a closer look at one of the stages that is growing in popularity every year at X-Massacre. What can you look forward to?

Drum & Bass stage is growing. And not only line-up-wise, but also really its size. This year, for the first time, it will be moved to one of the big halls. Larger stage, more space and literally more music.

More music because this year we also have the biggest D&B line-up in the history of the festival. This year, D&B stage is taken over by Bad Taste Recordings, which is run by the legendary Bad Company UK themselves. For a long time this label is boasting of the releases by the giant names of this music scene, the biggest of which you can experience this year at X-Massacre. You don’t know some names? Keep scrolling, prepare your ears and rib cages for a heavy experience, and release your brain links into the hard drum & bass galaxy. Let’s go!


Oooff! Our selection is clear, but we will have to wait for what producers and DJs will prepare for us on 20.12. We haven’t hosted this stuffed line-up at th drum & bass stagie ever and seriously – we are very excited ourselves!