S-Massacre festival area introduction

RS Vesin – the perfect place for a weekend party!

The first summer festival by X-Massacre crew is coming! For starters, we have to point out that over 95% of all tickets are sold out, so we expect to the festival capacity to sell out in the coming days. Tickets will not be available on site. So if you do not buy the ticket in advance, please do not go to the venue, it will be unnecessary. You can buy tickets online HERE or at any Tickestream store.

With that being said, let’s take a closer look at the place where all the madness will take place. 🙂

S-Massacre will take place in Rekreační Středisko Věšín, about 80 km from Prague, a short distance from Rožmitál pod Třemšínem or Příbram, GPS 49.6154753N, 13.7946294E. . It is a beautiful campsite in the middle of untouched nature far from civilization – the perfect place for a weekend party!

In the festival area, you will find all the amenities for your comfort. Accommodation in cabins (already sold out), restaurant with a grill (which will be open pretty much non-stop during the festival), a large bar next to the stage, showers, ceramic toilets and other cool things such as the swimming pool.

There is a parking lot and a campsite right next to the complex. The parking lot has a limited capacity, so we recommend not to drive, but to use the shuttle service, which will run from Friday 21.06. 14:00 to 23:30 from Příbram. On Sunday, immediately after the end of the festival (at 08:00) the shuttle services will start it’s regular routes back. Please be aware, that on Sunday, the Police of the Czech Republic will check all departing cars and will do so thoroughly, if you get what we mean. Using the shuttle service will save your driver’s license. :))

The parking fee will be 200 CZK per the whole event, 150 CZK for the weekend will be charged for one tent and it will be right at the entrance to the festival area.

How do you get to RS Věšín? As we have already mentioned, our bus from Příbram is the best place to get from all over the country. We will publish the exact timetable soon. If you still plan to drive your car, below you will find a map of how to get to the festival area. It’s easy.

The festival starts on Friday 21.06.2019 at 19:00 and ends on Sunday 23.06. at 08:00 in the morning. Over 60 artists will perform on 3 stages. HERE you can find the whole line up and a week before the event also the schedule. At least 1 stage will go non-stop all weekend, so if you are a fan of the day party, you will have a good time! 🙂

We ask all visitors to behave at the festival, please respect the instructions of the organizers and the owner of the camp. The whole area will be secured, all unfair activities and hooliganism will be punished.

Enjoy the festival properly, but please do not destroy things, respect the nature’s surroundings and of course other visitors. Thank you very much, let’s have fun! 🙂

For more information, stay tuned on our website or Facebook event.