Practical information about the festival

S-Massacre is almost here! So we have all the practical information for you, please read it all to keep yourself. Thank you and see you soon! 🙂


S-Massacre will take place in the Rekreační Středisko Věšín, about 80 km from Prague, a short distance from Rožmitál pod Tremšínem or Příbram, GPS 49.6154753N, 13.7946294E. It is a beautiful site in the middle of untouched nature far from civilization – just the perfect place for a weekend party! More information about the location HERE.

ATTENTION, the festival area and its surroundings are located in the Protected Landscape Area, please note that it is not permitted to divide fire and grill due to drought.

Please keep the area clean, use the containers and trash bins located in the venue and camp. When you will arrive to the camp site, you will get the big garbage bag. Please fill it with your rubbish and throw it to the container when you will leave the area.

PLEASE DO NOT SHIT IN THE FOREST! Use the ceramic toilets in the festival venue and mobile toilets in the camp. Thanks for understanding!


The festival is completely sold out! Tickets will not available be on site, please do not go to the festival without valid tickets or accreditation. Thank you!


Will be released 17/6/2019.


It is forbidden to bring drugs, weapons and your own drinks to the area. There will be a big bar at the tekno & hard stage. Thank you in advance for purchasing a drink at the bar to support the festival and its further functioning. Of course, it is forbidden to sell alcohol to those under 18 years of age.

The event is for everyone above 16 years of age. If you are less old than that, you must be accompanied by a legal guardian. We ask for maximum cooperation with the organizers of the event, respecting the instructions of the security agency and respecting the principles of good social behaviour. Thank you!


The car parking will be located near the festival grounds. The price per car for whole weekend is 200 CZK / 8€ and you will pay it at the entry. Parking outside the reserved car park is prohibited. Please think of nature. In the event of a violation, these vehicles may be towed away, as well as the risk of theft or damage to the vehicle.

The car parking has limited capacity, so we recommend using a shuttle service that will take you comfortably from Příbram to the festival and back. In addition, you will save your driver’s license as Czech police are conducting thorough checks before leaving the festival. 😉


As the capacity of the festival grounds and adjacent car parks is limited, we have arranged for you a shuttle service to the festival and back! You can find the timetable and other information about the festival bus HERE.


We have also arranged for you a festival taxi, which will stand at entrance 1, or you can order it via telephone. Rates per km will be 28 CZK / km + 40 CZK for boarding.

+420 734 345 678
+420 602229171


Below is a map of the area (click to enlarge, then save it). Please follow the instructions of the organizers. Thank you!

Mapa areálu


The festival area will be open nonstop from Friday 21.06. 18:00 to Sunday 08:00. Music production starts on Friday at 19:00, ends on Sunday 08:00. We ask you to leave the premises after the event ends, the space must be cleaned immediately. Feel free to move to the campsite, where check out is at 16:00.


The cottages in the area are sold out, and if you have a reservation, we have already emailed you with details. Check-in to the cabins is on Friday 21.06. at 16:00, check-out is on Sunday 11:00. Please check-out, it’s really important for us to start cleaning the festival area.


A camp for your tents will be set up a short distance from the music area. The price of 1 tent (no matter how many people sleep in it) is 150 CZK for the whole weekend. Take your own tent with you, we don’t provide any.

The campsite will be open on Friday 21.06. at 12:00, closed on Sunday 16:00. Please check out, the whole area must be cleaned up.

There is a strict ban on the distribution of fires in the camp (and anywhere nearby). The ban also applies to grill, because of the extreme drought. But there will be a restaurant and a grill open in the area, so you won’t be hungry or thirsty, no worries. 🙂

We recommend guarding your personal belongings and not leaving them in tents. Lockerboxes – lockers, where you can safely store your stuff 🙂


As mentioned above, lockers will be ready for you at the main entrance – lockers for your personal belongings. The advantage of lockers is unlimited access to the locker throughout the event, security, sufficient capacity, fair price (200 CZK / 8€ from Friday, 100 CZK / 4€ from Saturday) and the possibility of sharing one locker with friends. Please note that this service is open until the end of the festival on Sunday 08.00. Until this time you have to pick up your saved things.



You can buy brand new X-MASSACRE merchandise at the stand just next to the main bar. We will offer t-shirts, sweat shirts, caps, keychains, sunglasses and bracelets.


We care about our planet and so should you. We want the least possible waste to remain after the festival, so we are introducing design returnable cups for the first time. This will save thousands of disposable plastic cups that would end up in the bin.

The cups will be backed up to 50 CZK and you will get them both at our bar and in the restaurant (ATTENTION, refunding the deposit is possible only at the bar). Of course, you can also leave them as a souvenir, as they are pretty damn cool looking!


I come to the bar and I don’t have a cup yet:
You will buy a new cup worth 50 CZK. The deposit is only collected for the first time.
I come to the stand and I already have a cup:
The bartender will take your used, undamaged cup and replace it with a new clean one (this replacement of the used cup with a new one is necessary for hygienic reasons).
I’m leaving the festival and want to return the backed cup:
We will buy the backed cup again at the bar (ATTENTION, not in the restaurant, only at the bar). You have to return it with the coupon (you will get coupon at the entrance). We take back the undamaged cup back for 50 CZK. If the backed-up cup is cracked, has a broken loop or is otherwise damaged, it cannot be redeemed. We only buy cups from this event (not cups from other festivals).


A restaurant and a grill will be open on the festival grounds. Opening hours will be specified soon. Please note that it is not permitted to divide fire and grill due to drought.


You must present your personal ID or a passport to collect your accreditation. It will not be possible to issue a ticket without proof of identity. The ticket must be picked up personally.


We firmly believe that the weather will come out and it will be warm and sunny! 🙂 In the summer months, however, there are often storms, if this happens, please follow the instructions of the organizer and do not stay during a thunderstorm around the stages and tents.


Yes, you read well, there is a swimming pool in the festival area! 🙂 It will be open from Saturday 10:00 to 20:00 so you can refresh yourself after a steamy night. 🙂 Please respect the instructions of the organizers and the lifeguard who will be present on the spot. There is a strict ban on drinking and eating in and around the pool. Take a shower before entering the water.


You can find the new ceramic toilets and showers directly at the festival venue. Toilets are free of charge, of course, showers costs 30 CZK (you will get the coupon at the restaurant and bar)

And most importantly – have fun. Enjoy the festival, enjoy yourself, have a great time. See you there! 🙂