Big S-Massacre 2022 competition!

Together with our partner we have prepared a great contest for you! You can win a Mercedes among the vaporizers – PAX 3 Rose Gold Complete Kit, as well as X-Massacre and Growmarket t-shirts and keychain and of course tickets to S-MASSACRE 2022!

How to do it? Just meet the easy conditions and the prize can be yours. 👇😉

1) Share the FB picture on your profile. You can find the picture on the link below.
Please share publicly or we won’t see it.

2) Like the Facebook page

3) Invite all your friends who might be interested to the S-MASSACRE 2022 Facebook event

4) Tag your rave friends with who you wanna come to S-Massacre 2022🙂

CONTEST ENDS THURSDAY 20.01.2022 at 12:00. After that we will draw 3 winners. Good luck! 😉

1st PLACE: Vaporizer + 2x S-Massacre 2022 tickets

2nd PLACE: X-Massacre and Growmarket T-shirts + 1x S-Massacre 2022 ticket

3rd PLACE: X-Massacre keychain + 1x S-Massacre 2022 ticket


Introducing our partner, with whom we are preparing a new feature for this year’s S-Massacre – a fancy chillout zone with comfortable seating (and lounging :D), DJs, free refreshments and a relaxed atmosphere. Something to look forward to!

The story of a small garage company that most of the major European players work with today. In the beginning there was a warehouse in a basement of 20 m2 and one product. Now, eleven years later, we are a leading European supplier with twenty employees, 3500 stock items and a spacious 1500 m2 warehouse.

In 2021, we shipped 1.3 million kilograms of goods. The main ingredient for our success has been and continues to be honesty and an uncompromising approach to customer service. In short, the customer is our master and must always be satisfied. But not only him, we place great emphasis on great relationships with our colleagues, but also with all our suppliers, neighbours and, for example, the drivers who bring us the goods. We try to put as little strain on the environment as possible.

Our customers like to come back to us because they find a really wide range of goods and in 98% of cases they take everything they order straight away. We are specialists in hydroponic systems, irrigation and LED lighting. We offer more than 140 brands from all over the world. We can build fully automated CBD grow rooms. In our clear e-shop, you can search for products using an advanced search engine and use extensive filtering by parameters. Extensive descriptions including datasheets and product videos are available for most products.

We regularly publish informative articles for beginners and advanced growers. If you want, you can come personally to our showroom in Prague-Ruzyně for advice. We offer individual discounts for regular customers and large orders.