X-Massacre Festival

S-Massacre 2022 Festival Area

Recreation centres RS Varvažov and Ostrovec – 90 km from Prague

We are very happy to announce S-Massacre 2022 venue! This year’s summer Massacre will take place in RS Spolana Varvažov (music area) and RS Ostrovec (camp + parking), in the beautiful Czech nature, 90 km from Prague and very close from Orlická Přehrada.

There is a restaurant in the area, you can swim in the river that flows between both camps and there are ceramic toilets and showers. Very cool place indeed! 

Watch out! S-Massacre 2022 venue has limited capacity. Tickets are already on sale. The last year’s edition was SOLD OUT quickly so if you want to be sure to get in, get your ticket now.

Location gallery and info: