Win with CANNA

, get S-Massacre tickets or a superb vape

Thanks to the cooperation with our new partner CANNA, we bring you the last flash competition. Thanks to CANNA, we are able to provide this year’s festival with the quality our visitors are used to. If not better!

So, what can you win?

  1. place: Toke vape + 2 tickets to S-Massacre 23
  2. place: 2 tickets to S-Massacre 23
  3. place: 1 tickets to S-Massacre 23

How to win?

Choose where you want to compete. Whether on Facebook or Instagram. Below each post you will find the instructions on how to enter the competition. Good luck!

But if you don’t want to wait to see if you win, the TICKETS are still available on pre-sale. But there are less than 30% left. We recommend buying in advance!

And who is our partner CANNA?

CANNA is originally a Dutch company that specializes in the production of fertilizers and growing media for growing your favorite plants in any growing system. Since its foundation in the early 90’s, all products are first scientifically tested before being put on the market. CANNA’s philosophy is characterized by passion, love for plants and helping growers achieve the most optimal results.

Even before the founding of the company, the two founders were already engaged in scientific pioneering with plants. Dissatisfied with the range of fertilizers available at the time, they developed a nutrition that quickly became successful. Early users who tried the product noticed that the quality of the crops improved significantly. The results were so excellent that shortly afterwards CANNA’s first-born twins, CANNA Vega and CANNA Flores (now known as the SUBSTRA range), were introduced into production. This marked the beginning of a business that was to develop the most innovative and reliable products in just a few years.

Team spirit and love for plants are just some of the key words that characterise CANNA’s business philosophy. We hold the entire production process in our own hands. From development, research, marketing and sales to the unique environmentally friendly production line.

Products and approach at the cutting edge. 🙂